Friday, November 11, 2005

Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget

Well it's Remembrance Day today, so at 11:11 am, Canadians all over BC had a moment of silence to pray for those who lost their lives in the war. I had put up a new site banner for the sake of Remembrance Day, however I had a complaint from a relative saying that the person in the picture was a bad "model" for this day so I made another banner, and here it is. I will upload a new song for this day also if I find one suitable enough. That's it for now.

~Lest We Forget~

Edit: Okay, I have found a song somewhat suitable for Remembrance Day and have uploaded it. The song is "Shinkai no Kodoku" (Loneliness of the Deep Sea) by Kuwashima Houko from the GSD Soundtrack.


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