Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Time for Giving...

Christmas is quickly approaching and many people are excited for they are expecting a good haul from parents, relatives, friends, and etc. But I plead people to give something to those who have nothing. There are many small children and infants who will get nothing this Christman for various reasons, so please, donate some money or extra presents to the Salvation Army or other non-profit organizations to let someone less fortunate feel some joy on Christmas morning when they actually have something to unwrap. If you don't have any material goods to give away then help out your community by volunteering in Soup Kitchens and other civil services this holiday season. So do something for your community and help make someone else's Christmas as enjoyable as yours.


At 8:04 p.m., Blogger ertylu said...

wow those were some DEEP thoughts, i never knew that u were a "giving" type
Merry christmas

P.S this is a good site but i can see that it is not that popular (i'm # 707). i think it will more popular if you put some anime reviews or episodes like used to ;)


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